Clients always have the option of contracting ‘full-service’ integrators for
designing and implementing a new media system. Everything from initial system
specifications to final system acceptance can be performed by a handful of
system integrators throughout the United States. This has the obvious
advantage of dealing with a single vendor, but has numerous drawbacks as

1. Conflict of Interests: Purchasing a system directly from an integrator places
the integrator in a position of impropriety. System specifications can be
incompatible with client requirements as the system budget is prepared by the
integrator. Integrator-provided Project Management services will favor the
integrators’ best interests, not the clients. System acceptance procedures
conducted by the integrator may not reveal functional irregularities.
Utilizing the services of TPG protects the client from such anomalies, as the
clients’ best interests are our main concern.

2. Enterprise-wide System Standardization: Most, if not all, system integrators
cannot provide a national presence in terms of available resources. This forces
clients to use different integrators depending on the location of regional field
offices. In such instances, systems in different offices tend to function differently.
This is not conducive to corporate-wide system standardization. Making use of
the expertise of TPG guarantees that your systems will be homogeneous
throughout a corporate infrastructure by always having the system design,
project management, and implementation overseen by the same group of
professionals, regardless of the specific integrator used to build and install the

3. Dependability and Reliability: TPG is more than your average audio-visual
consultant that defines a system specification and then hopes everything goes
according to plan. Our standard offerings include the following tasks which
encompass all aspects of system design, management, and implementation to
ensure no detail is overlooked and the system is completed on time and within

•        System & Facility Analysis:
•        System & Facility Conceptual Design
•        System & Facility Detailed Design
•        Bid Specifications
•        Construction Coordination
•        Integrator Contractor Supervision
•        System Testing and Acceptance
•        Training
•        Project Closeout and Lessons Learned

Some of these tasks require meetings and an onsite presence with other client
vendors which TPG coordinates on a regular basis during the project life-cycle.
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