The following services are offered collectively and/or individually:

Phase I Services:                
Technology feasibility studies
Cost benefit analysis
Enterprise-wide system planning and rollout consultation

Phase II Services:        
Conceptual design
Facilities and systems engineering
Specification development
Bid administration
Contract administration
Project management

This two-phase approach in services is offered keeping in mind the clients
needs. If after completion of Phase I services, a client decides to continue with
the technology rollout, Triple Point Group will oversee the implementation of the
rollout by offering Phase II services.
Triple Point Group’s staff includes individuals with many years’ experience at
varying levels of responsibility within the industry.  As our most valuable asset,
the depth and breadth of our collective skill sets enables us to provide a
comprehensive scope of services.  These skills include the following:
Technology Management
Culture Change Management
Systems Engineering
Project Management
Facilities Design
Systems Programming

Triple Point Group’s senior management team consists of two individuals with
many years of diverse experience in the industry.  Enterprise-wide video
infrastructure planning and implementation expertise includes, but is not limited
to, the following room types and head-end systems:

Room Systems:                
Board Rooms
Presentation Rooms
Conference Rooms
War Rooms
Training Rooms
Distance-learning Rooms
Divisible Rooms
Recreational/Dining Rooms
High-end Home Theater
Media Display Devices
Reception/Lobby Info Systems

Head-End Systems:        
Video Network Operations Centers (VNOC’s)
Head-End Media Retrieval Systems
Codec Farms
World Class Services:
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